[Projekt] Redundancy 1.9.11 Beta 1 veröffentlicht

Redundancy 2 wurde auf Version 1.9.11-git-beta1-r3 aktualisiert. Es wurden etliche Stellen verändert und/ oder der Quellcode überarbeitet. Der Milestone wurde vorgezogen, das heißt jetzt beginnen die Arbeiten an 1.9.12-git-beta2. Auch wurde die API zusammen mit dem Client verbessert. Äußerlich unterscheidet sich das aktuelle Release kaum vom der vorhergehenden, ein Großteil der Änderungen beziehen sich auf Änderungen im Programm-Kernel. Anbei das Changelog (Achtung, sehr Lang :))

Redundancy 1.9.11 Changelog
- Fixed a bug when copy- or moving a file when a image was missing
- Fixed a bug producing wrong filesystem stats when a extension is
lower(".png") or uppercase ".PNG". The case is now ignored
- Fixed a bug when a login was stopped because of XSS content a wrong
input will be executed in the database
- Fixed the possibility of a wrong calculation of a size in
- Changed a column type in the database to allow sorting by date
- Fixed a bug causing that the contingent could not be set
- Fixed a bug loosing the date at moving a file or dir
- Fixed a bug which caused wrong set of the timestamps
- Fixed a bug which caused no redirection after logout
- The user can not paste the source folder into itself anymore from web
- 58 methods where improved
Security Bugfixes
- Added a security question when deleting an account from the
administration panel
- Fixed a security vulnerability which allowed under some cases to see
the api token while be logged in as a guest
- Added an .htaccess file for the Includes directory
- Fixed a bug in https redirecting causing a warning on the server
- Fixed a sql injection leak in several methods
- Added Program_Session_Timeout to set a timeout for killing a too old
Feature additions/ Improvements
- Added a display correction if the extension is uppercase
- Added an error message when a file is not found
- Added an error message when a dir is not found
- Added the function to set a new api token
- The administration panel is now bootstrap powered
- Program_Enable_Mail added to control mail support
- Program_Enable_Banning to control banning
- New API added (still work in progress! Not recommended to use yet)
- Program_Enable_Chart added to control drawing of the chart
- Added missing translations at the admin panel
- Added Program_Branding to control the path of the branding logo
- Added a message after deleting a filesystem entry
- Replaced the deprecated call to get the mimetype in download.inc.php
with the regular call from the kernel
- In the mobile view, the current page is selected in the menu
- Added Program_Enable_ErrorHandler to control internal error handler
which logs into System.log
- The error handler logs internal warnings and errors
- Added an error message for the changes module when no changes could be
Features removed
- User_Activation_Link removed
- User_Activation_Link_Sender removed
- User_Activation_Link_Sender_Email removed
- Removed Program_Embed_GPL_Header